400 Words (Roughly)


Work continues on the devotional project.  I rolled out of bed at 4:30 this morning, feeling quite uninspired and, frankly, a bit apprehensive at the thought of writing a book.  

I realize I need a fresh approach.  I grabbed my stack of index cards and began writing one word on each card.  One word that would make a good base for a devotional article.

And I kept going.

After 75 minutes, I had almost 400 index cards filled.  Nearly 400 words.  Surely there are duplicates in there.  (Did I mention I got up at 4:30 this morning?)

I also have set myself a goal.  This book will be written this year.  It will contain revisions of blog posts I have already written, as well as new pieces.  

I have been writing more and more and feel like I have a decent rhythm going (finally).

This feels good.  This feels right.  Momentum. Ooh!  That’s a good word right there.  I need more index cards.

Prayers and encouragement are always welcome.

Blessings on your day today!

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