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Chris Courtney is a Christian freelance writer, artist and Bible teacher. Hoosier by birth, Minnesotan by choice (a choice made before visiting the place in winter), he currently resides the Twin Cities area with his beautiful wife Jennie and wonderful son Austin. Chris received his Master of Arts in Theological Studies from Northwestern College in St. Paul MN (ok, it’s actually in Roseville, but who’s MapQuesting it?) in 2010. A professed “Calminian”, Chris believes in the pre-eminence of God (how could the great I AM have a precedent or a superior?) and believes we humans, while intelligent, are no match for the Almighty. He also believes we should live in a real, holistic manner – our faith lived out in every aspect of our lives, without dividing our life into segregated sections.  This also makes him an exceptional (and exceptionally forgiven) hypocrite.  Chris’ heart is to minister to others with the love of Jesus, bringing people hope, joy and strength through Christ our Lord and to the glory of God our Father.  Seek first the kingdom of God and don’t sweat the rest.

If you need prayer or just want to say “hi”, you can do so via e-mail at bouvillediarist@gmail.com.

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