A Peek Between My Ears (Proceed With Caution)

Lord, please show me what you would have me write. Give me the words that will bless people and bring them great joy and comfort all to your glory. Guide me as I type. Thank you Lord!

Now… before I start writing I better check my email. Ooh! Amazon Kindle daily deals… A Short History of Walrus Hunting in Tanzania for $1.99? I’ll probably never read it, but I gotta buy it.

Did I turn off the dryer before I left?

I really should have stuck with an iced tea today.

Hmm… wonder who’s on Facebook today… Hey! Darla made a casserole last night using cream of chicken soup instead of cream of mushroom. Daryl’s still doing the same Sudoku puzzle from two weeks ago. Give it up Darman… Wait! What’s this? “I don’t know you but I think you are my friend and as my friend you will agree that postal workers in Scotland deserve clean drinking water. If you agree that postal workers in Scotland deserve clean drinking water and you are my friend (and, you must
be my friend because we are Facebook friends and we agree that postal workers in Scotland deserve clean drinking water), then copy and paste this post to your profile for one hour.” Well… who could be against Scottish postal workers drinking clean water? Besides, this guy was in my second cousin’s first grade class back in 1974, so…

Eight-track tapes… worst idea ever. Had to sit through two songs you didn’t like to hear half the song you did – half because that’s the track the record company split between the end of track three and the start of track four so they could fit the whole album on one tape, even though they completely shuffled and wrecked the running order of the album to try to accomplish the same thing…

Did I pay the water bill?

What’s the weather going to be today? Ugh… humid again. High in the 80’s, chance of snow tonight. What a weird year…

I really ought to consider that time management training… But I don’t have time. Ha ha! I wonder if that would be considered irony or just humor…

News… Gotta know what’s going on. Let’s see… politics, war, plane crash, war, disease, war, famine, war, North Korea – how does he get his hair to stand up like that? – hate groups, war, Bay City Rollers reunion tour (probably the only original band member is the drummer), war, illegal immigrants, war, food poisoning… hold up! Taylor Swift cures Ebola!

Did I turn off the stove?

Did I pay the water bill?

I should have never signed up for that tap dancing in cleats class. Who has time for that?

Ding! New email. Better check… nope, not buying anymore miracle hair growth products.

Oh, my eyes hurt… need to divert my gaze off this screen and look out the window for awhile. Wow… why do they keep building all these mini-malls?Half of the ones they built two years ago are still empty.

Did I pay the water bill? Surely I paid the water bill.

Is she really wearing a sweater? It’s eighty degrees out already! Looks like she wrestled the skin off a live alpaca…


Facebook again. Hey! Look at that little cutie. What a sweetie. Yeah, he definitely doesn’t like split pea and guava baby food. At least that looks like split pea and guava… Hmmm… Whoa! A link to an animal video on YouTube. Wow! I didn’t know a monkey could do that. Scroll down… great googly moogly, look at all these links to funny animal videos… Wow! I didn’t know a kitten could do that. Wow! I didn’t know a llama could that. Wow! I didn’t know a parrot could do that. Wait, what’s that guy doing juggling a chainsaw, a tuning fork and a live ferret while hood surfing on a 1967 Ford Fairlane at 70mph wearing a sombrero… Ouch! Dude… that’s gonna leave a mark. I didn’t know a sombrero could do that. Wait… yep, it left a mark.

What time is it? No! Not already! Time goes so fast… why can’t I get any writing done?

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