When I Am Afraid…

When I Am Afraid

by Chris Courtney

“When I am afraid, I put my trust in you.” – Psalm 56:3

One of the most astounding aspects of God is how unpredictable He is.  Just when you expect Him to act a certain way, He doesn’t.  When God speaks, one anticipates the rumble of thunder.  But, just as forcefully, He sometimes speaks with a silence so loud it is almost deafening.

Jesus warned us that in this life we would have troubles, and He sure wasn’t joking.  Sometimes we get so caught up steering around life’s flotsam and jetsam that all we can see is the wreckage around us.  It’s easy to stare overwhelmed at our problems, twisting our brains into knots trying to figure things out or beating ourselves up with “what ifs” and “if onlys” and “now whats”.

Times of trouble can be anxious and lonely.  But, as David knew all too well, we have a place of refuge from life’s storms, safety from our enemy, refreshment from fear and worry and doubt. 

David put his trust in God.  The circumstances didn’t matter.  And they don’t with us either.  Did David bring on some of his troubles himself?  Absolutely.  And so do we.  Did David bring all of his troubles on himself?  Absolutely not.  And neither do we.  Either way, the answer is the same: run to God.  Seek Him out.  Ask Him to put it all to right.  Trust Him to do whatever needs done, whether it is a change of heart or direction or plans or circumstances. 

Whatever you are facing, God knows.  God understands.  If you need to be corrected, go to Him.  If you need to be protected, go to Him.  None of us is perfect.  But all who seek Christ and ask for forgiveness receive it.  All who are fearful can find peace. No person and no situation are beyond hope, beyond repair.  There is nothing so big, bad and ugly that God cannot handle it.

 (c) 2014 by Chris Courtney.  All rights reserved. 

Please share this piece with others.  It is my prayer that these words bring peace and hope to as many as possible through Jesus Christ.

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