May I See Your ID?


I like the Kendrick Brothers movies.  They may be a bit corny but I always leave with something to think about.

Seeing their latest flick, Overcomer, was no different,  One of the overarching themes throughout the film is identity: who are we really?

Let me start with who we are not.

We are not helpless.

We are not hopeless.

We are not the sum of our failures.

We are not bullies teased us for allegedly being.

We are not the sins we have committed, the wrongs we have done.

We are not defined by our past glories – or pit falls.

We are not our job titles.

We are neither our accomplishments nor our misfires.

We are not anything definable in strictly human terms.

You see, we were each born with a purpose: to glorify and worship God.

We were born with a purpose, for a reason.

So… who are we?  The Kendrick brothers take us through Ephesians 1 and 2.  Here we find exactly who we are, as described by our Creator, Who formed and knitted together each of us in our mother’s womb (Psalm 139:13).

That’s right.  Each of us was designed and put together individually by God, our Father, Who is Love.  Each and every human being is God’s unique creation.  Each of us has a purpose.

That means no one is useless.  No one is beyond hope.  No one is unlovable or unloved.

Take a few minutes, grab a Bible and a pen (and notebook).  Turn to Ephesians 1 and 2.  Prayerfully read the Word of God and joy down all the things He says we are in His name.

Then go back and read your list.

Then re-read it.

Let the Lord’s words sink into your mind and soak into your soul.  Understand He is talking to you.  Not just the apostle Paul.  Not some other Christians.  But YOU.

If you’d like prayer through this exercise, please e-mail me at

If you don’t have a Bible, check out Bible Gateway at

If you have a moment, please share this article with someone who you feel would be blessed.

Finally, please remember to love others, and know how much God loves you!  He did, after all, send His Son Jesus to die for us.

For you.






2 thoughts on “May I See Your ID?

  1. I saw this movie on yesterday with my church, it was an very uplifting movie. What stuck with me was, who are you? Do we really know who we are, God told us in His word who we are. An also that noone can define the creation, but the creator. I loved this movie! Great blog post!


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