The Bouville Diarist has a new addition to the website.  It’s called “Frankly…” because, frankly, there are things I feel God has put on my heart that don’t necessarily fit the mold of the Bouville Diarist posts.

Frankly, I want this to be the place to get more personal, dig a bit deeper, take a step or two off the usual mark and run with it.

Frankly, it will be a bit freer.

Frankly, it is more like a letter than a proper article.  (As if every Bouville Diarist piece were a proper article.)

And, frankly, when people write letters, they like responses.

So, can we be frank here?  I want to invite you to visit The Bouville Diarist, read the articles on the main page, and click on the tab up top labeled “Frankly…”  Comments and dialogue are not only welcome, but hoped for.

The goal is still the same: finding peace, comfort, joy and purpose by seeking God first in all things and integrating the realities of Christ with the “realities” of life.  It’s just that, on this page, we’re a bit more… well… frank about it.

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