Sufficiency of Grace

Today I find myself basking in 2 Corinthians 12:9. “My grace is sufficient for you, for my strength is made perfect in weakness.”

What a powerful promise! The need for self sufficiency melts away in the wonder of these words. I can remove the worry component from every aspect of my life because my weakness is the canvas upon which God creates miracles.

God’s grace is the result of a His great agape love for us, His children. He is our all powerful, all-wise, all-knowing Heavenly Father. His understanding of our condition goes infinitely beyond our cap it to understand ourselves – or anything else for that matter.

But it isn’t only God’s ability to help us that matters here. It is His willingness. As Jesus points out in Luke 11:11, what father, when asked by his child for bread, would hand him a stone instead? Or if asked for a fish would give him a scorpion? (My son, being seven, would probably prefer the scorpion. I am not getting him one.)

God is our Father, and He tends to the needs of His children. That doesn’t mean He spoils us by fulfilling our every earthly desire. No, He gives us what we need. And, often times, we confuse our wants for our needs.

Paul wanted Jesus to remove the thorn from his side. But God had a purpose for that thorn. And, while uncomfortable and painful, the eternal pain of removing it would have been greater, for the thorn served a purpose.

So often we pray to God – even beg – for the removal our thorns. And, indeed, sometimes He does.

And sometimes, He doesn’t.

At least not immediately.

What we need more than the healing is usually the strength – God’s strength that perfects and completes His work through our weakness and frailty. And, as with all things pertaining to God, this is not merely for our benefit, but for the hope of those around us, who see us basking in His mercy and grace and strength despite our hardships, hurts and helpless conditions.

Today I find myself resting on His grace, seeking His strength. This peace is found through faith, not circumstances. It is that peace that passes all our understanding. It makes no sense to the world, but is utterly sensible to believers who embrace God and take His Word as truth.

Find God’s strength by faith through His grace. Run your race. God is your endurance. Be strong. Be hopeful. Don’t let your expectations box God into a corner. Seek. Ask. Knock. Believe. Rejoice. Rejoice!

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