Why Do We Spend So Much Time Worrying? (or Yes, Virginia, They Really Give You a Hot Towel)

  “Trust me”, the airline employee assured me.  “I will get you on this plane.  Just trust me.”
Hartsfiel International Airport was a very busy place that Sunday afternoon, and we had just been bumped from our flight to Minneapolis.  I had to get home.  That day.  

And I was nervous.  I had to be at work the next day.  If I didn’t get home that evening, the world would shift on its axis, the polar caps melt, the tides rise, the liberals embrace George W. Bush… Truly dire straits. Confusion and chaos would reign.

All because I missed a flight.

Soon the people were lining up to board.  These folks were going home.  As the queue shortened, I approached the young man behind the desk again.  “Sir, just sit down.  I promised I would get you on this plane.  Do you trust me?”

I didn’t trust him.  I didn’t know him.  But I didn’t had a choice.  I pondered calling my congressman, but I doubt he could do much to help me.  I prayed.

Just as the last passengers were entering the jetway, my new friend approached us with boarding passes.

For first class.

“Enjoy your flight, sir”, he said smiling.  I hugged him tightly, only letting go when a TSA officer threatened to taze me if I didn’t step away and board my flight.  Now.

I sat down in the seat, sinking into the leather.  I enjoyed every bite of the turkey sandwich on multigrain bread.  I sipped my sparkling water.  

And, yes, the flight attendant handed out hot towels.  My pores opened with great glee, enjoying thoroughly the cleansing heat and humidity that drew all of remaining stress right out.

When I inquired about the complimentary foot rubs, the TSA officer reappeared.  

I abandoned that particular line of thought. 

We worry about so many things.  And when things don’t go our way, we want to immediately jump in and fix the situation – our way.  But, if we pray about the situation and wait for the Lord, we will find that God will fix our problems in such a blessed way… You may find yourself flying first class on a coach ticket.

Don’t worry about anything.  Trust God in all things, at all times, through all situations.  And watch Him work everything out to His glory and your good.

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