The Courtney family are feeling the four walls beginning to close in, so we have escaped the quiet of our home for some time at Caribou Coffee. So it seems only apropos to do some blogging (seeing that this is the Bouville Diarist), while my wife works on her headache-inducing math homework and my son alleviates his boredom with a few rousing rounds of Mancala on Dad’s cell phone.

And it is amazing what a change of scenery can do for a person.

Even Jesus needed a change of scene at times, stepping away from the disciples to spend quiet time alone with His Father. It is refreshing to step away from the stress and familiarity of the same old scene and let the synapses snap as they experience some new walls, new sounds, different sights…

Engage with people.

Observe the world around you.

Take it all in… the sights and sounds and smells and feel of the variety of God’s creation. God has blessed us by allowing us to enjoy His creation, in all its beauty and wonder and diversity.

Maybe it’s the caffeine talking. But, right now, the ideas are starting the flow. Sitting in the comfort of my office earlier today, I felt very uninspired. Bored. Blah.

I read somewhere that one should never write when bored. Boy ain’t that the truth! It just wasn’t happening today.

But now… ministry thoughts are flowing. Writing ideas are flying. I am feeling energized, inspired… border line excited even!

So now it’s time to do some real planning. Real writing. And be real excited about it all!

All praise to Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior! Have a blessed week and be a blessing!

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