Lord God, I crave more of You in my life. I want more of You.

I love You, Lord. Not nearly as much as I should.

I want You to move in my life.

I need You to move in my life.

Jesus, please remove the log from my eyes that I may see clearly.

Father, let my thoughts, my words, my actions, be yours,

Please remove any barriers that keep me from You, Lord.

Remove the selfishness.

Remove the doubt.

Remove the temptation.

Remove the fears.

Remove the feelings of inadequacy.

Be thou my vision.

Be my strength.

Be my Guide.

I need you, Lord.

Thank you that you are with me always.

Thank you that you are greater than anything I face.

Thank you that your grace is sufficient for me.

Father, I crave more of You, and less of me.

Father, I seek You first.

You are great, and greatly to be praised!

Thank You for your greatness.

Thank You for your patience.

Thank You for your mercy, your love, your grace.

Thank You that you love me so… far more than I can imagine.

I want to know You more.

I want to love You more.

I am the clay, Father, and You are the Potter.

I crave the experience of You, Lord.

Jesus my Savior, my strength, my Lord… I love You.

Help me please, for I cannot do it without You. And I know I never have to.

Thank You for your promise, Your guidance…

Thank You, Lord.

Thank You.

Let me never be satisfied by anything less than You, my God and my King.


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