The Power of 1,000

I’ve been thinking lately. (When my wife reads those words, she’ll probably go hide under the bed because usually what comes next is something like, “Let’s move to Saskatchewan!”). I’ve been thinking a lot about being the hands and feet of Christ, about taking the next hold step to be a blessing to others, and about the number 1,000.

Yes. 1,000.

As in, do you realize that if 1,000 people came together and gave $30, they could fully fund an adoption? If they did this once a month, they could cover at least a dozen adoptions a year.

If 1,000 people each went out and bought one bag of groceries, how many people in need would be fed?

If 1,000 families cleared out their old winter clothing, or bought coats, hats, gloves, boots… how many homeless people would be warmer this winter?

If 1,000 folks each gave an hour a month, how much loneliness could we ease?

1,000 sounds like a big number. But, consider this: I live in a town of around 24,000 people. That’s one in every 24 people. But, if you expand your reach out to the entire Twin Cities metro area, we’re talking about 3.6 million people – or one of every 3,600 people. If you live in a small town or rural area, think smaller. But think big for your population!

Where am I going with this? I’m not 100% sure quite yet. Right now I just pray God works through me to inspire people, to give folks a vision, an idea, an enthusiasm that won’t let go. Personally I need to break out of my comfort zone.

How about it? Will you pray with me about asking God to work through us to do great things in a His Name, with no glory in it for us? 1,000 may look like a big number. But, think about it… I know people who house a thousand “friends” (although I have no idea how…). I’ve seen videos of cats vacuuming or changing the oil in a VW or doing the tenth grade kid’s geometry homework, and they get over 1,000 likes or hits or retweets…

Please pray with me and let’s see what God will do through our lives. We know nothing is impossible for Him. And we know He equips His people.

Blessings to you!


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