What I’m Thinking

Facebook wants to know what I’m thinking.

So I’ll tell you.

I’m thinking about my family and friends who are sick or hurting or afraid or suffering and wishing I had the wherewithal to take away the pain and make everything better.

I’m thinking I’m tired of all the political / election back-and-forth and shenanigans.

I’m thinking it’s time for the hatred to end. I’m thinking it’s time we stop viewing each other by labels (black, white, liberal, conservative, etc.) and start seeing people are people.

I’m thinking that Depeche Mode song is now going to be stuck in my head for awhile.

I’m thinking this third wave of COVID is astoundingly awful and the ones who claim it’s fake news or believe the government doesn’t have the right to mandate public mask wearing need to wake up and comply or stay home.

I’m thinking cancer is far worse.

I’m thinking I wish Colts had played a bit better today.

But I’m also thinking I am grateful.

Grateful for so so so many friends and family, both near and far and the ability to reach out to them electronically.

Grateful that, while I can’t take away your pain, I can talk to the One Who can. (You can talk to Him too. Prayer is not exclusive.)

Mostly I’m grateful to GOD, for He has everything in His control, and I am sheltered under His mighty wings, as well all those who trust and follow Jesus.

I pray for you strength. I pray for you guidance. I pray for you hope and health and God’s wisdom and ever-growing faith. I pray you know the grace, mercy and love of Jesus through whatever you are facing.

God knew beforehand all this would happen. Jesus warned us that “in this world, you will have trouble.” But He followed that sobering news with a great promise: “Take heart for I have overcome the world”.

God knows everything. He’s not surprised by the election results. He’s not taken aback by the skyrocketing COVID numbers. He knows not only what’s happening and why, but how to see us through whatever troubles are vexing us.

Pray. Trust in Him. Rest in the LORD. Smile. Laugh. Live.

That’s what I’m thinking.

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