Awake and Not Alone

Anxiety, depression and worry are awful to deal with. They can make the world seem hopeless. They drain a person spiritually, mentally and physically. They can cloud our ability to see God, to trust Jesus, to know He is always with us (which He is).

They also can make a sufferer feel profoundly alone. Especially in the middle of the night. There are few things worse than a 2am panic attack or mindful of worrisome thoughts that keep us awake, feeling alone.

If this is you – if you find yourself feeling anxious and alone in the middle of the night – please remember this: you are not alone.

You are never alone.

God is always with you. He will never ever abandon you. He loves you more than you know.

Talk to God. Cry out to Him. Tell Him your fears and doubts. Cast your cares on Him. Trust Him. Trust Him. He is there.

He is with you always.

Rest easy friends. Sleep well. Trust Jesus.

You are loved far more than you know.

And, when we’re awake in the middle of the night, let’s stop and pray for each other.

I pray God’s peace and rest for you.

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