I Just Don’t Like Boomerangs

I’m not going to lie to you.  This is a good thing since I’m a Christ follower and not lying in a ministry blog is a bare minimum requirement / expectation.
It’s been a rough couple of weeks.  Nothing major, mind you.  Just a series of minor incidents and stuff to deal with, including a boomerang (a problem you thought was resolved only to have come back and unexpectedly smack you in the back of the head).

I detest boomerangs.

It would be easy for me to throw my hands up in frustration and give up.  In my flesh that’s what I’d like to do.  I’m tired.

I’ve had it.

But the Lord reminded me, as I was feeling low and praying tonight, that these burdens are not mine.  Jesus calls us to come to Him with all – all – of the troubles that weigh us down and leave them with Him.  Drop the yoke of worries, pain and trouble, and take up His yoke.  His yoke is much lighter, as it is the yoke of trusting God.  (See Matthew 11:28-30.)

The Lord is far greater than anything life throws at us.  There is nothing He can’t handle.  Nothing surprises God.  He knows, and He is more than willing and capable to care for us, His children.

Remember this, the next time life’s getting you down and you’re ready to give up:  we aren’t supposed to put around our heavy burdens.  We’re not supposed to read or worry.  We are supposed to trust God fully with our very lives.

Week God through Jesus.  Draw closer to Him. Kay down your burdens and pick up His yoke of !ove, grace, peace, mercy, wisdom, strength… Find refreshment in the Lord, and strength for the road ahead.

And watch out for those boomerangs.  They’ll hit you when you least expect it.

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