The Bouville Diarist Morning Brief for 28 February 2017

I am not in control.  

Say it out loud: I am not in control.

How we choose to spend / invest our time and energy and resource?  Yes, that is our choice.

What we say, do, think?  How we (re)act?  Yes, our choice.  

But, ultimately, the end results of our labors?  Nope.  That’s in God’s hands.

We are not called to succeed (at least not by the world’s standards).

We are called to follow.  We are called to faithfulness.  We are called to love.

We are called to be Christ followers: humble, gracious, and loving.  We are called to do whatever we do as if we were working for God Himself.  Which, really, we are.

Don’t worry about the outcome.  Don’t sweat the obstacles.  Don’t let the thorn in your side stop you.  

Keep walking the path the Lord has set before you in faith.  He is in control.  We don’t have to try to run the show.

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