Uncertainty is part and parcel of the world we live in.  It has to be. 

Why?  Because we are flawed human beings.  We do not with a God His attributes goof omniscience, omnipotence or omnipresence.

We don’t know everything.

We aren’t strong over everything.

We cannot be everywhere at the same time.  (Ask any parent with little ones.  They will confirm that one.)

Uncertainty can be scary.  It makes us feel vulnerable.  It exposes how little control we have.

But uncertainty is good, as long as it leads us to the One Certainty we need to embrace: the Certainty of God through Jesus Christ.

You can read His a Word with certainty, knowing God keeps His Word.

Knowing that, in Him, we can embrace uncertainty, because He is in control.

No matter what we face – without exception – there is nothing too hard for our Father.  No task too great.  No pain beyond healing.  No trial too fierce.

In all things, at all times, just trust God.  Don’t give in too anxiety.  Don’t stare at the problem.  Cast your cares on God make Him your certainty, your solid rock, your sanctuary.

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