It’s Not About the Widgets

 10 For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them. – Ephesians 2:10 (ESV)

We all have days when we look around – at our lives, our jobs, our surroundings – and we think, “Why am I here?  What purpose could I possibly have?”  For those of us who have our struggles with anxiety and/or depression, those thoughts can take us in a direction that is unhealthy.  

The truth of why we are here is so simple that we easily – and often – miss it.  God is so complex, far beyond our full comprehension.  How often do we tie ourselves up in knots of complexity when our Heavenly Father, in His great love, grace and mercy, has already provided us with what is really a very simple answer?

We are called to good works.  We are called to love God first and love others as ourselves.  We are called to live for something greater than ourselves, to stop our inward navel gazing and focus on God and His will and His ways and His word and His kingdom.

Say you are a widget salesman.  Maybe you’re the best widget salesperson to ever invest in a career dedicated to selling widgets and whirligigs and whatnots.  Or, conversely, maybe you are the worst widget salesperson in the whole history of widget manufacturing.  Maybe you couldn’t tell a widget from a whatchamacallit in the ground.  Maybe you’ve tried to get out of the widget business and just can’t seem to break free.

Here’s the deal: it’s not about the widgets.  Or the whatsits.  Or the thingamajiggers.  It is about what you do with what God has given you.  How do you impact others?  How do you show love, or compassion, or encouragement to others?  How are you salt and light at work?

At home?

In traffic?

At the dentist?

In the drive thru line at the local Biggie Burger?

How you take who you are – the amazing creation of God, unique and individual, perfectly fitted and gifted to His plan –  and serve others?  What good works do we perform in the name of Jesus?  That, friends, is where we find meaning.  That is how we discover our purpose.  It isn’t so tough as we sometimes make it.

So…who are you?  You are loved.  You are worthy.  And you are created with a purpose: to do good works in Jesus’ name.

Love God.  Love others.  Be who God created you to be.  And focus on the Lord and the people He places in your path.

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