These Days…

October has not been an easy month for my family.  It’s been a time of grieving and, for some of us, a time of anxiety on top of the sorrow.  

I tell you this not to elicit sympathy or attention but to tell you that, through it all, God has been – and continues to be – faithful.  He has poured His grace on us, showered us with His love.  He hasn’t left us.  He hasn’t abandoned us.

I am so grateful.  The Lord has shown His love to me in so many ways… 

Through the love of others.

Through strength for the weak moments (right down to hearing just the right song on Christian radio with just the right reminder and just the right time).

Through His Word.

Through prayers answered.

I share this to simply encourage you.  If you’re stressed, worried, anxious, depressed, mournful, bitter, hurting, sick… give it to God.

Let go of the worries.  Rest in the Lord.  Don’t twist around in anxiety.  Just trust Jesus.  He said to cast your cares on Him.  He said be anxious for nothing.  He said take on His light yoke and leave your burdens behind.

His perfect love casts out fear.

The Lord is right beside you.

What is there to fear?

Why feel hopeless?

You can do all things through Christ Who strengthens you.

Embrace the sweetness of our Father.  Trust in Him.  Rest in Him.  Let Him lavish you with mercy and grace and perfect love.

Let Him heal you deep in your soul.

Let God be your strength.

And turn your (Christian) radio on.  You just might hear the very words you need.

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