For Those Times When We Doubt the Nearness of God…

  We all have – or have had – those moments when we are tempted to not believe that God is near.  Even though He promised to never leave nor forsake (abandon) us, we sometimes get overwhelmed with emotions, worries, pain, insecurity, sorrow… so much so that it can be very very difficult to experience God.
Here’s a quick tip: if you’re feeling like the Lord is nowhere to be found, go outside.

Look up at the sky.

Notice the blue hues of a clear day.  See the clouds wisping by ever so gently.  Feel the sun warm your skin.  Watch the birds fly by.

If the day is gray, notice the swirl of the sky above.  See the way the clouds turn and swirl.  If it’s raining, feel the drops on your face.  

If it’s night, check out the moon.  Understand the stars are suns, hundreds or thousands of light years away (meaning you are seeing light emitted hundreds or thousands of years ago).  Look at the constellations, the twinkling lights that have guided humans across this earth for eons.

Look at all this and ask yourself: what human can create anything this magnificent, this intricate?  How could this all possibly continue to revolve and move with great purpose and not be guided by the hand of God?  

Look up.  He is there.  Maybe you cannot see Him, but you see His creation.

And His sustaining power.

And He – God the Creator, God our Father – is sustaining you as well.

You are loved, dear one.  Deeply, completely loved.

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