No Limits

it is amazing how much we try to limit our limitless God.  We want to define Him, possess Him, contain Him, conform Him to our thoughts and ideas and notions and isms.

The thing is, the Lord is simply too great to measure.  We cannot fully grasp Him and His ways for He is God, the GREAT I AM.  

And we are not.

This is why we have to trust Him, because we cannot fathom Him.  He works beyond the fragile limitations of our imaginations and feeble intellect and logic.

He loves us.  This unbelievable Heavenly Father is to be utterly believed.  He is pure and holy – indeed, He defines purity and holiness – so we can trust Him (as we are commanded to).  He is just so we know He has right on His side (after all, He defines truth and right).  He is infinitely capable and willing, through His unimaginably immense love, strength, grace and mercy, to see us through any / every situation in life.  

He is love.  And, as the ultimate sacrifice for we, His children, our Heavenly Father sent his Son as an utterly perfect sacrifice, bearing our sin and shame and opening a way to be able to approach our Lord and Savior.

He makes a way for us where none seems possible.

He sets on the right path and never abandons us.

He lives within us.

He is our strength, our guide and counselor.  

He is our ever present help in times of trouble.

Why would we want to contain Someone so great?  We cannot box Him in anyway.

Tonight, whatever you’re facing in life, be thankful, for God has blessed you richly.  Be joyous, the Alford is at hand.  

Love God.  Love others.

Reach out in love.

And accept the love you are given.


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