Weeds, Seeds, and Basic Needs (or Photomorphogenesis for the Soul)


“Do not be deceived: God is not mocked, for whatever one sows, that will he also reap.” – Galatians 6:7 (ESV)

No plant grows without having first been planted.  The seed is placed in the ground and begins soaking in water.  The water causes the contents of the seed to energize and grow and form until a root pushes out of the seed jacket.  The root grows into the soil, taking in more nutrients and, soon enough, a shoot emerges from the seed.  Once the shoot emerges from the soil and starts taking in light, it begins to grow.


The seed one chooses to plant is important.  If you want to grow roses, you don’t plant daisies.  Sunflower seeds will not magically produce an apple tree.

Still, even in the best tended gardens, weeds take root.  They blow in from fields, drop in via birds, and grow an unwanted crop.  And, if left to grow, they will take over the garden and choke out the seeds you planted, robbing them of nutrients and sunlight.

Our lives are no different.  We sow seed in our lives every day with our words and actions and thoughts.  When we bless others, we reap great blessing from God – in due time.

Every seed takes time to germinate, grow and produce fruit (or flowers, etc…).  When a plant is exposed to light, it begins to mature and green up and leaf out.  This process is called photomorphogenesis.  Believers in Christ mature spiritually when nourished by The Light as well.  We feed our souls on the Word of God and follow His will.

But when weeds invade the garden – sin, self-centeredness, fear, anger, you name it – we have to pull the unwanted growth by the roots.  It has to go, before its roots grow too deep and the problem runs roughshod over our garden.

No garden is perfect, just as no human being is.  But we must be careful to plant good seed that we may produce an abundant crop.  We need to give thanks to God Who produces the good crop within us.  And we must be sure to tend to our garden, staying illuminated in His light and fed by His Word.  It is in Jesus that we find our basic spiritual needs to grow and thrive and be a blessing to others, and bring honor and glory to God (which is, after all, our original created purpose).

Love your enemies.  Love one another.  Be bold in faith.  Bring hope.  Bring joy.  Bring comfort.  Be salt.  Be light.

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