i am a gardener

I am a gardener.

I do not like digging my fingers into soil or planting vegetables or digging or hoeing or watering…

All the same, I am a gardener.

My crop is ideas and thoughts and notions recorded, lessons shared, interests celebrated, stories told.  The seeds are words, chosen and arranged with great care and sown into the soil of faith in God’s undeserved grace, unending mercy and unfailing love.

I water my garden with prayer, experiences, observations and gleanings, all from sources and places varied and   I don’t do a great job weeding, but the thistles never choke out the entire harvest.

My garden is carefully cultivated to be a holistic reflection of the one who tends to it.  Some of the harvest is sweet and humorous, some bitter (only out of necessity) and to the point.  Some is theologically rooted, some inspirational and devotional.  Sometimes I do not mention Christ by name, but – rest assured – God is always there, either overt or covert or somewhere in between.

The people who partake of the produce from my garden are just as varied as the crops that I share.  Some prefer the words of peace and hope, others the humor, still others the more personal or mundane.  And I love that!  I would have it no other way.

I have been sowing more seed, seeking a greater variety of hybrids and planting a larger garden these days, in the hopes that more will come to my table and enjoy what the fruits of my labor.  You see, all of God’s creation is interconnected and interrelated and truly fascinating to observe,  if we would only take the time to slow down and look.  Observe.  Share.

I am a gardener.  I sow words and reap stories and devotinals and humor and little bits of this and that about my little life, all of it planted with great love and care to be an uplift, a blessing, a source of hope and strength and joy to anyone and everyone who cares to stop by and enjoy.

You are a gardener, too.  What are you sowing?

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