Today you will be presented with a lot of choices: what to wear, what to eat, what to buy…  choices of lanes in traffic, choices in the drive thru at Whacky Burger…

You also have a choice of attitude.

You can look at your lot in life and think it stinks and choose to wallow in that.  And, honestly, maybe it does stink.  Maybe your job is rotten, your boss a grumpy taskmaster, your paycheck not an apt reflection of the hard work and dedication you give your employer.

Maybe you’ve been dealt a lousy hand in life.  Illness plagues you or your family.  Finances are tough.  A relationship is broken – seemingly beyond repair.

You can choose to focus on all of the ick in your life, the troubles and miseries.

Or you can choose hope.  You can choose to rise above it.  You can choose to leave the anxieties with the Lord and focus on what He says to do – which is love others, serve, and don’t worry about tomorrow.

We all have choices.  And we have to make them every day.

Negative circumstances only weigh us down when we let them.  Choose hope today.  Focus on Love.  Seek God first.

Have a blessed day, friends!

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