Come as You Are

How long are you going to be afraid?

How many nights are you going to sit up worrying?

Why are you fretting about the past, the present, the future?

Why are you embracing anything less than the joy and peace of Jesus?

Open your eyes.  Open your heart.  Open your arms to Jesus.  His arms are open to you.

Cast your anxiety on Jesus, for He cares for you.  He loves you!  Run to God and find forgiveness.  

Find peace.

Find comfort.

Rest in His faithfulness.

The Lord isn’t waiting for you to be worthy to approach.  His grace opens the door for us.

All sin and fall short of God’s holiness.  

We all have worries.  We all have doubts.  We all stumble and sometimes fall flat on our faces.  

We also all have a Savior Who loves us, Who cares about us.

About you.

Go to Him.  Right now.  As you are.  Pray. Open your heart.  Open your eyes.  Run into Jesus’ open arms.

Rest easy.  Come as you are.  Find rest for your mind and soul.

Sleep well, brothers and sisters.  You are loved beyond comprehension.

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