Primum Movens

Thomas Aquinas was a 13th century Dominican friar.  Over the last nine years of his life, Aquinas penned his classic book Summa Theologiae (“Highest Theology”).  Within the roughly 3500 pages of the Summa are a page and a half that contain the quinque viae, or “the five ways” of knowing that God truly exists.

The first, and to Aquinas’ most important, was the proof of motion.  Motion occurs when an external force is exerted on an object, causing to move.  A ball with not throw itself.  It needs someone to throw it.  A tree will not sway on its own.  That requires a wind blowing against it.  These forces didn’t appear from nowhere.  Somebody or something must have started them.  Taken to its logical conclusion, we realize that somebody had to make the first move, the first push, the first exertion of force, because objects in and of themselves cannot move.  Hence, there must be God, Who not only created all but set all creation in motion.

I love to ponder these things, to think about the greatness of our God.  I can accept the idea of a big bang because, I am quite sure that when God spoke the universe into existence, it started at fixed point in space and time

And it was most certainly a loud “BANG!”

And the universe continues to move to this day.  The power of God is such that, if you consider Newton’s third law of motion – that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction – His Greatness shines through in the fact that the reaction to His creative action has yet to stop!

If God can, by simple utterance of will, create all of the universe and set it in motion, all amazingly choreographed and executed with perfection, then surely there is nothing too hard for Him.  There is no opposition too fierce, no enemy too strong, no problem too broken.  He created and sustains all.  And, although death came to destroy His creation, God overcame death to provide eternal life to His children, His beloved.

The arrogance of science concedes to the point of recognizing “intelligent design”, but so many refuse to take the next logical step and call that designer “God”.  The wonder of creation truly comes alive when we recognize the Creator, and begin to see His beautiful, intricate creation for what it is: something created to bring God joy and honor, which we are graciously given the gift of reveling in and enjoying.

There is absolutely nothing too hard for our God.  Trust Him.  And choose each to revel in the greatness of His creation, and thank Him for the blessing of another day.

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