Delight, Part 2 (or, The Bitterest Marshmallow I Ever Swallowed)

Yesterday morning, I wrote a post entitled Delight.

Maybe you read it.

Probably you didn’t.

I asked my wife what she thought of it. “It was good”, she answered in her noncommittal way of saying it was so-so without wanting to discourage me.
When pressed, she finally said, “It wasn’t personal. It wasn’t from your heart.”


I thought about what I wrote and what Jen said. And she was right.

I lobbed a marshmallow out there.

There are times when I am writing a piece aimed to bring comfort to people, and I miss the mark with an overly sweetened message that doesn’t really help a whole lot. These articles are like a lot of kid’s cereals: sure, there’s nutritional value there, but much of the good is canceled out by all that sugar.

I apologize everyone. I want to be real and open and personal, and I believe you want that from the people whose work you read.

No more marshmallows. From now on when I’m struggling, I will say to you, “I am struggling.” When I drop the ball, I will say, “I dropped the ball today.”

My heart is for reaching out to people who are hurting, anxious, worried, confused… But throwing marshmallows won’t help. They just bounce off and don’t stick.

Unless you’ve just roasted them, but throwing flaming marshmallows is something else altogether.

So, good night and blessings to you all! And that truly comes from my heart.

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