Down to the Root

See to it that no one fails to obtain the grace of God; that no”root of bitterness” springs up and causes trouble, and by it many become defiled. – Hebrews 12:15 (ESV)

I got up extra early this morning to write. And that is exactly what I did. I wrote a fantastic piece about the problems of corporate churches and the damage they do. It was engaging and educational and had lots of big words. It may have been forever immortalized as one of the best examples of blog writing ever.


Ok… I may be overstating things a bit. Actually, I’m pushing the envelope of truthfulness by using terms like “immortalized” and “engaging” and “best ever.”


But the world will never know. I deleted it. It is gone. Lost. Done.


It would have benefited no one. It pointed out the problems without any vitriol or bitterness or even sarcasm.

Ok… Maybe a little sarcasm…

But that’s the point. None of what I worry would bring healing. It wouldn’t have promoted peace or joy or anything worthy of our thoughts and time. It would have served only to drudge up ill feelings and anger. Granted, it was cathartic for me to get it out. It was like therapy in a sense.

Still, despite the honesty of the message, I realized I am still hanging onto a bitter root. It isn’t nearly as big as it was, but it is still there.

The Lord reminded me this morning that I am not here to shine a spotlight on what’s wrong with the church. I am here to be a light on a hill, shining for Christ. I am here to proclaim the Gospel. I am here to reach out to those who are facing troubles, the anxious and depressed, the hurting and bullied, the loved ones who do not feel loved, the marginalized and the lonely.

I am here to bring hope.

I am here to pray.

I am here to comfort.

I am here to share.

I am here to love.

And so are you.

Let no bitterness remain. We need to be sure that all we do, all we say, all we think, is rooted in the love of Jesus. Forgive and move forward. No time to stay mired in past hurts. After all, we are all the body of Christ. And if a God can love and forgive me my immeasurable transgressions, who am I to cling to bitterness or fail to forgive?

2 thoughts on “Down to the Root

  1. “Sometimes the biggest “SHOUT” is but a whisper amongst falling leaves.”

    I read that somewhere and I don’t remember what book…it was a big poem one, and this line comes to me now and again.

    I believe time is a great healer. Some of us need more time than others. Some of us need to scream first and then all is well.

    Scream if you must, SHOUT, but remember, when all the leaves have fallen, spring comes again and the buds burst forth.

    The tree is alive and thriving again. The birds will roost on its branches and be covered. They will think they are hidden in the tree. Those with wisdom of years will recognize the good birds from the bad. We will call them out of the trees.

    All in due season.

    God bless friend.


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