Philippians 2

Tonight I’ve been reading Philippians 2 and… wow… it is hard to fully grasp the greatness of Christ.

God humbled Himself, becoming a servant in flesh, never complaining about hardships but remaining faithful through it all. He even freely gave up his earthly life in the most humiliating, painful and unfair manner imaginable.

And because of His humility, the name of Jesus is exalted high above all others! It is only through His wondrous name that we are saved. He extends to us eternal love, grace, mercy and salvation. He does not demand that we earn it. He gives these gifts freely to we who do not come close to deserving anything good.

I think of the little things that bug me – the irritations and inconveniences of life, the discomforts and pains, the injustice and sorrow,… Then I think of Jesus and I realize… I have no clue what injustice is. I have no right to feel put out or put upon by anyone. I have no reason to even consider the peccadillos and pet peeves that get under my skin.

I have sinned and fallen short of God’s glory. I have pained my Savior and broken His heart. And yet He loves me. He doesn’t give up on me. He never leaves me, never abandons me. I possess an eternal promise far greater than any amount of this world’s “treasure” could ever purchase .

What more do I need?

Embrace Christ and the amazing freedom of salvation. Change your perspective. Let God change your thinking. Let God change your heart. Bow to Him. Seek Him first. Abandon false hope in anything in this world and choose the better treasure: life eternal in Jesus Christ.

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