Quick Peace Thoughts

If you define peace as the absence of conflict, you will never find it. Conflict is a constant in the life of every human.

Peace comes from faith in Christ that is rooted in the understanding that God is sovereign and we are not. And God, Who is Sovereign over all, loves us – loves you – more than any human mind can conceive.

Likewise, God has a plan and each of us has a part. Don’t sweat trying to figure it out. You are where you are by the grace of our Sovereign God and Heavenly Father. And when we are unhappy, perhaps we are not seeking God as we ought. If Paul can be content in the circumstances he faced, so can we.

Peace comes from letting go of all that keeps us from Jesus, and latching on to His Word and His promises and His leading. Peace comes when we obediently follow The Lord – not out of legalistic obligation but true love and devotion borne from a faithful understanding that God I’d God and I am not.

So tonight, I pray peace for you. Let go of the past, the doubts, the cares of this world, and grasp tightly to The Lord.

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