No Luck At All

I do not believe in luck. Nothing happens by chance. We are where we are, when we are, because it is God’s will. The people in your life are there because God placed them there. A friend of mine recently Tweeted a very wise quote from the late pastor Chuck Smith: “Everything is preparation for something else.”

Everything has a purpose. You may never know it because it may be for someone else. There may be a lesson to learn. You may be the one who leads someone to Christ by your actions, never needing to speak a word.

Your life is not meaningless. You are not called to a hopeless existence. We have a job: to be salt and light before men, to let the light of Christ shine far brighter through us. We are called to share the light and love of Jesus. Today, as we head into the new week, let’ s do so with great joy, with great thanksgiving in our in hearts. We are called to love.

(C) 20013 by Chris Courtney. All rights reserved. Please feel free to send this to any friends who need a boost all in God’s ways of doing things.


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