Just One Word

Hello everyone!

I have an idea for a devotional book and I would like to ask your help. You see, this is one of the truly wonderful things about the Internet, the ability for you and I to interact. And I’d love to hear your ideas on this.

Actually, I want to hear your one word ideas.

That is the idea. Just one word. One word that would make a great devotional subject.




You get the picture.

Make it something that would be a blessing to others.

It can even be in another language.

Have fun with it.
Think: what one word just gets me fired up about Jesus and brings me great comfort or peace or joy.

Just one word.

It can be monosyllabic or multisyllabic.

Just one word.

Please email your devotional word to me at christophercourtney@comcast.net. There’s no money in it, but, should the book see publication, you will get a “thank you!”

Just one word.

God bless!

Oops… That’s two words…


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