Together… If Only For a Day

Everybody has dreams.  Here is one of mine. 

I heard Sara Groves word this so well in one of her songs that I am reticent to even attempt to write this.  I will never be able to capture the simple elegance of her words as she sang about wishing she could have all those she loved gathered together around a campfire, trading stories and just loving one another.  She put voice to one of my deepest desires.

I would love to collectively wrap my arms around all those I love and, in turn, see all of you joyously celebrating being with one another.  To my mind, in my heart, that is fellowship in its purest form – people gathered together, praising God as one, in tune, caring for one another, truly happy to be in each other’s company.

This would be a rather large gathering, as one of the great blessings of my life is the people the Lord has placed in my path – some for a season, some for a lifetime.  I would love to bring all of us together.  No pretenses.  Just to be. 

If only for a day. 

I know we would all go back to our homes changed – for the better.

I would pray that Jesus would work in hearts.  Wounds would be healed, hurts nursed, hard feelings softened, transgressions forgiven.  I would hope for a wonderful time of catching up, of refreshment, of people just happy to be together.

I would pray that love be our lead, and we would all connect on that deeper level that comes only from true fellowship.  I would see people so happy to see one another that tears of joy stream down faces.  Hugs abound, laughter arises…

All the people I love filled with joy in Christ.

All of them so happy and laughing with not one ounce of pain, or regret, or bitterness, or mourning, or struggle.

All of my loved ones together.

If only for a day.

Can’t you just see it? I can.

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