Live life.

Live like there is no tomorrow.

Live life to the absolute limit.

Live with your eyes wide open, your heart wide open. your mind wide open.

Live like God is living within you (because He is).

Live for others.

Live lovingly.

Live creatively.

Live fruitfully.

Live life as you – the you God made you to be, not the “you” you think others expect you to be.

Live not seeking experiences but experiencing each moment.

Live to fill the lives of others with the love of Jesus.

Live to make your corner of the world a better place.

Live surrendered only to Jesus.

Live free, untethered by the junk of this world.

Live graciously.

Live humbly.

Live joyously.

Live led by faith, not circumstances.

Live seeking God first.

Live loving the people the LORD has placed in your life.

Live walking the path God has laid out before you.

Live strong.

Live wise.

Live investing your talents and gifts in others.

Live at peace with the LORD, with those around you, with yourself.

Live forgiving.

Live forgiven.

Live with the open curiosity of a child.

Live mercifully.

Live kindly.

Live abundantly – abundant in goodness.

Live in hope.

Live in peace.

Live in grace.

Live in the Light.

Live to give.

Live to love.



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