Under Pressure

I wouldn’t call it an epiphany.  The moment wasn’t quite that earth shattering.  But… it was an awakening of sorts, and eye-opening, a moment of clarity.  Jen and I went out on a much needed, long overdue date last night.  We were talking about the people we love and how it seems that everyone is facing some life issue: illness, death, children, fracturing families, finances, unemployment… you name it. 

And then God gently convicted me.  He reminded me of some things He and I have discussed.  He showed me where I have not heeded the very words I have shared with others.  He humbled me lovingly and once again showed me that it is perfectly okay not to be perfectly okay.  Troubles are often the medium the Lord uses to shape us, form us, mold us into the the people He would have us be.

In the primate house at Como Zoo, there is a plastic injection molder that will make a toy for any girl or boy with two quarters.  The machine has a two-piece steel mold made in the shape of a monkey.  The two sides clamp together with great force and molten plastic resin pours inside.  Water sprays onto the mold, cooling and hardening the formed poly primate.  The pressure releases, and what was once nothing more than plastic pellets has been superheated, put under great pressure, and cooled to create a fun object for kids to enjoy.

Here is the deal.  We are all under pressure of some sort.  But we must not be so quick to seek relief.  At just the right time, God relieves the pressure and cools us with water (metaphorically folks).  And we discover that we are no longer what we were at the beginning of the process (which usually begins with a trying life situation).  Rather, we have been transformed into something – someone rather – who is far more useful, far more understanding, far more equipped for _____________ (you fill in the blank).

Seek the Lord.  Always.  First.  Without ceasing.  Keep your eyes on Jesus Christ and Him alone.  Don’t focus on the problems.  Focus on The Solution: Jesus Christ, our LORD and SAVIOR!

As my pastor says, you are loved.

One thought on “Under Pressure

  1. Thank God for the tough times for out of that comes personal growth. Plus the bonus that the good times would not seem as good if we didn’t have the bad for comparison.


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